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We know that the readers trust us and the importance of quality; hence we always try our best to find out and publish the content which we are sure and know is reliable. 

We consider ourselves the responsible medium for our readers and always take responsibility for it. Thus, to curate the best, we have designed a specific error-free screening process to get the best output. 


Although we have been striving our best, still, we always want to let our readers know that we are not responsible for any misinterpretation in the news or for any mishap. Human error can occur anywhere. Even though we still have a rigorous process, it is essential to let our readers know.

We have disclaimed that we are not responsible for any misinterpretation as we are also getting all this research, and we didn’t witness it on our own. It is to inform our readers that if anyone has any issue with any news, they can freely email us through our desired mail on the contact page. 

We are always there to listen and to figure it out. Any type of harassment or defamation for your team or platform on social media is highly unacceptable. Everything on this platform is just for educational purposes. 


It is to be informed that any content published on this or pictures used on this platform is under the ownership of azadmagazine.com, and no other person or group has the right to it. Thus, it is highly restricted to reuse our published written or graphical work.

Azad Magazine The Relaible Platform

Azad Magazine is a reliable platform that publishes news to let our audience well informed. This platform is just for informational purposes. We do not have any personal gains or concerns with any individual, country, or company. Thus, we request every person who landed here to always consider us as the free and neutral medium which is working for education and awareness gains.

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