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Azad magazine is a high-quality content publishing platform. Every content published on this platform is made live after several processes to ensure quality and retain our platform’s reputation. After all our hard work, we have finally received a fantastic response and traffic on our site. Thus, after a collaborative meeting, the writer of Aza magazine decided to start taking guest posts on our site. Therefore, Azad magazine will accept whether you want us to write for you or publish your article.

However, this collaborative goal goes several steps, and there are some requirements that every person should follow.

We accept the variety of contents of almost various niches for www.azadmagazine.com. Some of the accepted submissions are 

  • News/product releases
  • Articles
  • Feature articles
  • Guest columns
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Tutorials
  • Market overviews
  • Application notes
  • Product reviews
  • Opinion pieces
  • Multimedia (videos, podcasts, etc.)

(Note: the submission are not only restricted to this. You can submit a lot more as well)

SEO status Of Azad Magazine

We know that every one of us wants to check the SEO status of the website before moving forward. It’s their fundamental right, and thus, we understand it. Here we have attached the tool-generated status of our site showing DA and DR, which ultimately denote the high traffic our site is getting.

You will now be very excited to publish your post on our site. However, for this, you have to fulfill our specific criteria or areas- the following those:

What Type Of Content Topics Do We Accept?

We at Azad magazine .com accept all types of topics. All required is that the content covers the audience’s main query related to recent updates. Any topic that includes the latest news events, upcoming or merging technologies, industry-leading trends, and some problem-solving techniques is considered appropriate. Hence, we consider it acceptable for publishing. However, it s to be noted everything that deems to be ACCEPTABLE and UNACCEPTABLE is the wholesome right of the authority, which is for sure www.azadmagazine.com itself.

How Much Should The Length Of Content?

We have settled the specific limit for the length of the content you want to publish on our website. It varies by type of article. However, Azad magazine generally accepts news presses with a minimum word count of 200 and a maximum of 600 in length. Moreover, the article’s minimum length should be 600 words; however, it can be extended to as much as required. The word count of artists varies on the type of article.

What are the other requirements?

Apart from the length and appropriate topics, we at Azad magazine always demand to provide us content that has some creativity in it. Submitting the content with a prior quality structure with understandable reading paragraphs is strongly advised.

Not only this but contributors are also encouraged to send us their personally designed pictures, graphics, figures, etc., along with content. However, remember that we only accept graphic images in two formats: JPEG and GIF. Other than these formats is entirely unacceptable. 

However, the file size of the graphic should be at most 100k. However, the ideal dimensions we always prefer t accept vary from 45 pixels in width to 300 pixels in height. 

Note: For better performance, Azad magazine has a right to crop or resize your graphics while publishing.

So, what are you waiting for? It is the best time to make your contribution to Azad magazine and give yourself a boost. For contributional or advertising inquiries, feel free to contact us at seohubservices@gmail.com

We would love to hear back from you!

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