About Us

People all around nowadays rely more on digital media and prefer to read on electronic media. Thus, we understand the need and decided to come on board. Azad magazine is a reliable and engaging platform that deals with all types of news. Hence, whether you want to read about world news or fashion news, we are all here with the latest updates.

Our History

Our group has been in this field for almost 2-3 years; however, identifying the need, we started our news site in 2023 with the specific aim of providing the readers with the best yet accurate latest news that can keep our audience updated with everything they want.

The Content We Deal In?

We have taken the art of journalism from channels to digital media and websites as nowadays, into our busy schedules, most of us prefer this. Currently, we are dealing with various types of news, including:

  • World News
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion
  • Gaming
  • Health
  • Tech
  • Business 
  • Education
  • Sports 

If you want us to write about other types, please tell us in the comments or on our mail, which you can find on the contact us page. 

Specialized Team Of Writers

We know the importance of having the reliability of the content and information we are providing to our readers. Thus, we have a team of competent writers full of sincerity and dedication who actually aims to provide our audience with everything they want. We have a total of 5 members on our team, and we specifically make sure the quality of every news we publish on our website. The content that is published on our site goes through several screening processes.

  •  First, we check out the latest information we research through various international channels and then through their official sites or government sites according to the type of news. 
  • After all these checkings we wrote on it.
  • Once the content was completed, our editors rechecked all the details word by word before it went into publishing. 

Our Aim

The primary aim of Azad magazine is to provide our readers with authentic, reliable, and error-free news that catches you. Not only this, but we also tried hard to make our content easy to read, something that is simple to understand and has a straightforward structure. So, whether you are a high school student or a mature guy, no one can find difficulty in reading it.

Moreover, we are striving hard to update our readers with all types of news with minute-by-minute updates so that you can’t be unaware of what’s going on in the world; so, stay tuned with us to know about the world’s latest trends and updates.

Creativity On Peak

We know that something different, something creative, attracts everyone; thus, we have started a trend of giving our content an innovative texture and have created a trendy hashtag (#newsforeveryone) that you can use on your social media. Isn’t it amazing?

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