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Azad Magazine, which is one of the most authentic news platforms, can use, store, collect and protect the personal information provided by you. This data you use for accessing our website is under strict control and a command system, and be sure your personal information is protected completely.

Who Are We?

Azad Magazine is a platform where you connect with the world’s updated and latest news. We help you be informed about events, education, finance, sports, politics, current affairs, entertainment, travel, tourism, technology, business, and more.

What Is Our Privacy Policy?

We at Azad Magazine have a clear-cut privacy policy. We know how important your data and its security are—our privacy policy deals with the part of data that is necessary to collect. We use only authentic and secure methods to collect your data. Moreover, this data will only be used for communication, feedback, future relationship, and business promotion purposes.

Furthermore, you also want to know who can use your data. What is the reason behind the collection of this data? When can this data be used, and after how much time will it be deleted? 

Why Is It Necessary To Collect Data And Proceed With It? 

Another important thing we want to disclose is the type of data we collected from you and the reason behind its collection. All these are questions you indeed have in your mind.

What We Store?

We store the information about your comments, media, images, videos, contact forms, and cookies.

Why We Save Your Details?

  • We always save the content in your comments; your comments are important to us; thus, we store them for making informed decisions. 
  • We store your IP address from detecting spam or any mislead.
  • We always try that if you have images or pictures with comments, no one can download or find your location or details with it. Hence we also requested our audience not to upload personal images with embedded location data on any website.
  • Furthermore, we use the Gravatar service, which always takes permission from you about whether your profile picture should be public. Thus any image with comments will be visible after approval from you. 
  • Another important reason for saving your data is to save your time too. When you come to our site, leave a comment or fill out a form. We keep your email address, name, contact number, and other details in cookies so that you do not need to fill it in again the next time you comment or discuss anything. These cookies will stay for us for one year. After that, it will delete automatically.
  • Moreover, there are some temporary cookies, too. Still, these will not let your data or detail and will be deleted when you close your browser. On the other hand, if you save the mode “Remember Me, “then your login in account details will save automatically in our system. 
  • Additionally, if you publish any article or post on our site, your post ID will save in our system but be sure it will not show any personal details.
  • Your IP address is necessary to reset your password or account detail in case of any login loss.
  • We also use a spam detection machine to check and analyze your data. This process is necessary for our site protection and your safety.

What About Third-party And Embedded Content?

We are not supposed to sell or transfer your details to any business or third party. Only the service provider of our website can access our data, or the service provider operating our site can use our data to improve the business. Moreover, these service providers will not disclose or use any information for any other matter.

As you know, Azad Magazine is all about the world’s latest news; thus, it may have content or images, or videos embedded with other websites. So in case of any leakage due to different web systems, we will not take responsibility. Although this content never causes problems, it is like visiting any site. These sites can collect and monitor your interaction, tracking history, and IP address.

What Are The Right Of The User And Children’s Privacy?

The user can change, edit or delete their registered login details other than the user name at any time. We don’t have any restrictions there. Only the administrator of the site can see this edited information.

Users can also inform us about any destruction, disclosure, or unauthorized access. We may investigate the matter and take strict action against the concert person.

Moreover, you can also request us to delete any personal information or data. You can also get your exported file, which may not include the data required for security or legal purposes.

We strictly follow children’s privacy laws. We never share, sell, or spread children’s personal information to anyone. On the other hand, we request parents to keep the focus on children below a certain age. 

Stay Informed -We Have Right Of Change In Privacy Policy 

The Admin of Azad magazine may change their privacy policy without prior notice or informing anyone. We can change or amend our privacy policy for the significant growth of our business. So you are responsible for being informed and getting connected with updates about periodic privacy policy changes.

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